2021 Census Outputs Consultation is now live


NISRA has launched a public consultation on the 2021 Census Outputs for Northern Ireland. The consultation aims to gather views on the proposed strategy for producing and disseminating 2021 Census Outputs.

Before you start

Participants are advised to read '2021 Census Outputs: Consultation Document' available on the 2021 Census Outputs consultation documents publication page before responding. This document outlines the proposed design for 2021 Census statistical outputs. Specifically, the order of the release of census statistics, and the way the statistics will be made available to users. This consultation follows on from the initial outputs strategy consultation in 2018

Our society is constantly evolving and the information our users want from the census may change too. We want to know if these proposals meet your needs and your feedback will help us decide on the final design of the 2021 Census Outputs for Northern Ireland. This is why your feedback is so important.

The consultation will remain open until midnight on 26 November 2021.

Respond to the online consultation

Additional information

Responding to the consultation will help NISRA deliver outputs that will meet your needs from the 2021 Census.

We’ve structured our proposals into sections to help you find the topics you want to provide feedback on. These include:

  • Methods of dissemination
  • Release schedule
  • Standard variables
  • Proposed new derived variables
  • Population-base specifications
  • Taking a census during a period of change
  • Paradata (information about how we collected and processed census data)
  • Statistical output geography

We recommend you respond to the consultation in our online questionnaire. However, you can also respond by submitting a downloaded version of questionnaire through email or post. This is available to download from 2021 Census outputs consultation documents publication page.

Supporting documents

  • 2021 Census outputs consultation document
  • 2021 Census outputs consultation executive summary
  • 2021 Census outputs consultation questionnaire
  • 2021 Census statistical outputs strategy
  • Guidance for organisations with multiple responses
  • Statistical disclosure control methodology for 2021 Census
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Pre-defined table listing
  • 2021 Census outputs geography paper

Supporting documents are available to download from 2021 Census outputs consultation documents.

User engagement event

A webinar is being planned for the start of November, which will provide consultees with additional information and an opportunity to ask questions about the issues of interest to them. Further details will be provided in due course. If you would like to be notified when registration for the event is available, please email: 2021census.consultation@nisra.gov.uk

Confidentiality and data protection

In the interests of transparency, NISRA will publish all responses to the 2021 Census outputs consultation. This will include the name of the responding organisation or individual, but only if you have provided consent for your name or organisation name to be published. We will not publish personal contact details.

We will moderate responses before publication. For further details on the moderation policy please refer to the consultation document.

All responses will be treated in line with the NISRA privacy notice. Please be aware that any information provided in response to this consultation could be made publicly available if requested under a Freedom of Information request.

Contact details

Email: 2021census.consultation@nisra.gov.uk

Phone: 0800 328 2021