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Monthly Deaths

Published 13 June 2022Research and analysisStatistical reports

Monthly Births

Published 13 June 2022Research and analysisStatistical reports

Overview of Northern Ireland Trade with Great Britain

Published 19 May 2022Research and analysis

Overview of Northern Ireland Trade

Published 18 May 2022Research and analysis

User requested general vital events data

Published 06 May 2022Research and analysis

Birth re-registration statistics

Published 30 March 2022Research and analysisStatistical reports

Census 2021 outputs consultation responses

Published 24 March 2022Research and analysis

Census 2021 operational report

Published 31 January 2022Research and analysis

Covid-19 Deaths and Equality - Wave One

Published 21 December 2021Research and analysis

ASHE customer requests

Published 10 December 2021Research and analysis

Mental health status of the Northern Ireland population in employment

Published 29 September 2021Research and analysis

User requested Deaths data

Published 16 March 2021Research and analysis

Weekly Death Statistics in Northern Ireland 2021

Published 12 March 2021Research and analysisStatistical reports

Local government district tourism statistics infographics

Published 19 November 2020Research and analysis

Suicide statistics

Published 09 October 2020Research and analysisStatistical reports

2021 Census - Topic Report on UK Armed Forces Veterans

Published 14 August 2020Research and analysis

Drug-related Deaths in Northern Ireland: Socio-Demographic Analyses

Published 24 March 2020Research and analysis

People Movement and Migration

Published 02 May 2019Research and analysis