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Published 08 June 2018Guidance literature

HRCS Quality Assurance of Administrative Data Report - March 2018

Published 01 June 2018Guidance literature

HRCS Customer Service & Engagement Statement - March 2018

Published 13 April 2018Guidance literature

HRCS Confidentiality & Protection Arrangements - March 2018

Published 13 April 2018Guidance literature

Troubleshooting advice for submitting eForms

Published 30 March 2017Guidance literature

NIMDM17 Moderation Policy

Published 28 March 2017Guidance literature

Small Area Look-up Tables and Guidance Documents

Published 01 January 2013Guidance literatureSupport Material

NIMDM2010 Guidance

Published 31 March 2010Guidance literature

Northern Ireland Multiple Deprivation Measure 2005: User Guide

Published 26 May 2005Guidance literature