The Economy in Northern Ireland


The latest NI Composite Economic Index report published on the 15th October provides the most recent statistics on the performance of the NI economy. The headline figures include:

More information can be found here.

User views on the development of a set of Supply-Use tables for NI

NISRA are currently working on a project to develop a set of Supply-Use tables for NI. To this end a Scoping Study report into the feasibility of developing a set of Supply-Use tables for NI was prepared by the Office for National Statistics Methodology Advice Service in March 2014. Subsequently a document was issued to stakeholders during May 2014 seeking users' views on the project to help inform its development.

Responses from this exercise have been analysed and a report has been published on the Economic and Labour Market Statistics Branch website which details key findings and NISRA's responses to issues raised by stakeholders. The report and background information can be found here.

Northern Ireland Residential Property Price Index

The Northern Ireland Residential Property Price Index provides a measure of the change in the Northern Ireland property market since January 2005. Property prices almost doubled between 2005 and Q3 2007 but then decreased until early 2013. Since then prices have been increasing. The most recent figures are available at the link below.

More information

Statistical information on the NI economy can be obtained from a number of sources:
1. Major Economic Statistics major economic statistics.
2. Regional Gross Value Added - statistics across the UK
3. Residential Property Price Index - latest quarterly index

Other key publications

Detailed Economic statistics for small areas can also be obtained from the Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service website by clicking here

Interactive content on Residential Property Prices can be found here.