Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry in Northern Ireland

Theme overview

In 2014 there were 24,200 active farms in Northern Ireland down from 31,000 farms fifteen years ago. More details on farming is available from the Annual Agricultural Farm Census.

Around one-third of the population of Northern Ireland live in rural areas (in the countryside or in villages/settlements up to a population of 4,500).

More information

Agricultural statistical information is derived from two main sources:
1. The Annual Census giving an overview of farms, crops & animals.
2. The Farm Business Survey giving a breakdown of farm accounts.

Rural statistics contain rural/urban comparisons across a range of social and economic issues. The information was collected from the 2011 census, and from surveys and administrative databases across Government.

Other key publications

A compendium publication with statistics on crops and livestock, animal health and welfare, agri-environment indicators and a range of other areas is available in the Statistical review of NI Agriculture.

Statistics on farming labour force and other farm related areas from the EU Farm Structure Survey.

Detailed Agriculture and Environment statistics can also be obtained from the Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service website by clicking here.

All official statistical publications on this theme can be found here.

Interactive content on the Farm Census can be found here.