The Population of Northern Ireland

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Today there are around 1.86 million people living in Northern Ireland (see the population clock for further details).

In 2014, 24,394 babies were born, 8,550 couples were married and 14,678 people died.

Statistics on the Population of Northern Ireland are widely used in policy development in areas such as housing, healthcare and education, as well as being used to allocate public funds to the Northern Ireland Executive.

More information

Statistics on population and vital events are available on the demography page, or see:

1. Population Statistics relating to Population Estimates, Projections and Migration.
2. Vital Events Statistics relating to birth, death, marriage, civil partnership and divorce registrations.
3. The 2011 Census which gives a detailed ten-yearly breakdown.

Useful links

Statistics Code of Practice and Policies

Detailed small area statistics can be obtained from the Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service website.

Interactive content on the Population can be found here.