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Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS)


The Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS) is a large-scale data linkage study which has been created by linking administrative and statistical data. The Study is designed for statistical and research uses only and is managed under Census legislation. Information is linked over time on people from Census, vital events and health registration datasets. Data sources include 2001 Census data, birth and death registrations and demographic data derived from health registrations.

Accessing the NILS

Access to the NILS research database is controlled and technical skill is needed to extract data. User support is available to help you make the best use of the database. All researchers are supported by staff in the NILS-Research Support Unit, Queen’s University Belfast. The NILS-RSU website www.nils-rsu.census.ac.uk contains detailed information on the NILS. NILS RSU Support includes:

  • advice on sample sizes and the suitability of the NILS for particular projects
  • advice on data content and linkage issues
  • helping you through the application procedure
  • identifying the variables and the study population to be included in an extract
  • making data extracts
  • transforming data and producing the tables or files necessary for your analyses
  • advising on clearance procedures and confidentiality rules

A guide on the steps required for accessing the NILS can be accessed at www.nils-rsu.census.ac.uk

Research Support Unit Contact Details:

McAuley House
2-14 Castle Street
Tel: 028 9082 8210

Email: nils-rsu@qub.ac.uk

Website: www.nils-rsu.census.ac.uk


Information on Current (and Past) projects can be accessed at the NILS RSU website www.nils-rsu.census.ac.uk . Published reports can be accessed at the publication section of the NILS RSU website.

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NILS Contact Details:

NISRA is responsible for the creation, maintenance and development of the NILS and can be contacted at the nils.nisra@dfpni.gov.uk