Northern Ireland Residential Property Price Index

Quarter 1 2016 Publication

Results for the first quarter of 2016 (january - March 2016) are given in the statistical report below. Also reproduced below is the statistics press notice which accompanies the report.

Statistics Report Quarter 1 2016 (Published 17 May 2016)
Statistics Press Notice Quarter 1 2016 (Published 17 May 2016)

Quarter 1 2016 Detailed Statistics

Detailed statistics for Quarter 1 2016 are reproduced in the spreadsheet below. Also included is an interactive map showing standardised residential property prices across the 11 Local Government Districts in Northern Ireland.

Detailed Statistics Quarter 1 2016 (Published 17 May 2016)
Interactive Map - Standardised Residential Property Prices by LGD Q1 2016 (Published 17 May 2016)

Methodology behind the Northern Ireland Residential Property Price Index

The detailed methodology behind the LPS/NISRA Residential Property Price Index is given in the attached report. This methodology has been revised and is applicable from 17 May 2016.

Methodology report (May 2016)

Next release date: 16 August 2016 (Quarter 2 2016)

Contact Details: Responsible Statistician: Ciara Cunningham

Email atE-mail: Responsible Statistician

Other United Kingdom / Northern Ireland House Price Indices

There are a number of other producers of statistics on house prices - these are not strictly comparable to the LPS/NISRA Index but are given below for completeness.

Halifax House Price Index (UK)
Nationwide House Price Index(UK)
Office for National Statistics House Price Index (UK)
Ulster University / Northern Ireland Housing Executive House Price Index (NI)