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Central Postcode Directory (January 2015)

The Central Postcode Directory (CPD) has been compiled for users by NISRA Geography. It relates both current and terminated postcodes in Northern Ireland to a range of statutory, administrative, electoral and other area geographies.

The CPD is available for use by all Northern Ireland Mapping Agreement(NIMA) customers or those working on behalf of NIMA customers (this includes all Northern Ireland Civil Service Departments, Agencies, Non Departmental Public Bodies and Local Councils). Non-NIMA customers can licence the product by contacting Land and Property Services.

The CPD provides a direct look-up between postcodes as of July 2014 and a range of geographies including Local Government Districts, Wards, Small Areas, Census Super Output Areas and Parliamentary Constituencies among others. A full list can obtained in the Guidance Notes which can be viewed via the link below. In particular, the newly legislated geographies for Local Government Districts and Electoral Wards to be effective from April 2014 have been included. More information is available on the Review of Public Administration website

CPD is available for download in either Access 2003 or Text file (dollar ($) separated variables) format. However, users must sign and return the Terms and Conditions document available HERE to receive a password for access to download CPD from this website.


Central Postcode Directory (CPD) January 2015

Access 2003 format (14.91MB)


Text file (dollar ($) separated variables) format (5.88MB)


Guidance Notes (457KB)


Methodology to create CPD (67.5KB)


Advice on Linking CPD Tables (34KB)


While NISRA endeavour to ensure the CPD is as accurate as possible, NISRA can give no guarantee to the accuracy or completeness of the data presented.  Further clarification on any aspect not already covered relating to the transfer or dissemination of the data on the Central Postcode Directory should be directed to:-

NISRA Geography
Demographic Statistics
McAuley House
2-14 Castle Street