Former Local Government Districts

On 1 April 2015 the number of Local Government Districts were reduced from 26 to 11 due to the Local Government reform. Statistics for the 11 new Local Government Districts are available here.

Most Recent Publication (31 August 2016): 2015 Mid-Year Population Estimates for Areas within Northern Ireland

Next Planned Release: June 2017

31 August 2016: Detailed Figures for 26 Local Government Districts (LGD1992)
Components of Population Change (2000-2015) xls Icon
Population Totals (1981-2015) xls Icon
Population by sex & single year of age (1991-2015) xls Icon
Population by sex & five year age bands (1991-2015) xls Icon
Population Densities (1981-2015) xls Icon

Population Estimates for Other Areas of Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Former Education and Library Boards
Nuts III Areas Health Areas
11 Local Government Districts Parliamentary Constituencies
Super Output Areas & former Electoral Wards

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