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The Population Statistics Section within Demography and Methodology Branch (DMB), NISRA, provides accurate, timely, user friendly and easily accessible National Statistics relating to Population Estimates, Projections and Migration. The statistics are widely used in policy development in areas such as housing, healthcare and education, as well as being used to allocate public funds to the Northern Ireland Executive through the Barnett formula. The statistics are also of interest to those involved in research & academia, and are widely used to express other statistics as a rate, and thus enable comparisons across the United Kingdom and other countries.

Latest News / Events
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) are currently carrying out a consultation on changes to their products. See here for further details on the potential impact on population statistics for Northern Ireland
17 Dec 2015: Population Estimates Back-Series - Components of Population Change for Northern Ireland Local Government Districts, 2001-2012
Population Statistics User Engagement Event 2016

Main Publications
A list of our main publications is given below, including a short description of their content and the current release schedule for each. Further information is contained within the report links. Please see our current workplan 16/17 for further details. Our previous workplan 15/16 is also available for information.

Publication Most Recent Release Next Planned Release
Mid-Year Population Estimates
Estimates of the population of Northern Ireland as of 30 June each year by age and sex. Figures are available for Northern Ireland, Local Government Districts, Health Areas, NUTSIII Areas, Education and Library Boards and Parliamentary Constituencies.
4 June 2015 June 2016
Small Area Population Estimates
Estimates of the population for small geographic areas within Northern Ireland by broad age band and sex. Figures are available for Super output Areas, Electoral Wards and Neighbourhood Renewal Areas.
4 June 2015 June 2016
Long-Term International Migration Statistics
Estimates for long-term migration, defined as persons who change residence for a year or more, by age and sex. Figures are available for Northern Ireland and Local Government Districts.
27 August 2015 August 2016
Estimates of the Population Aged 85 and Over
Estimates of the population of Northern Ireland, by age and sex, for those aged 85 and over.
30 September 2015 September 2016
Population Estimates for Small Areas
Estimates of the population for Census Small Areas within Northern Ireland.
25 November 2015 November 2016
Population Projections for Northern Ireland
Projected future population of Northern Ireland by age and sex.
29 October 2015 October/November 2017
Population Projections for Areas Within Northern Ireland
Projected future population for areas within Northern Ireland. Figures are available for Local Government Districts, Health Areas, NUTSIII Areas and Education and Library Boards.
30 October 2014 25 May 2016
Household Projections*
Projected future number of households in Northern Ireland, and areas within Northern Ireland, by household type and size. Figures are available for Northern Ireland, Local Government Districts, Health Areas and NUTSIII Areas.

*Commissioned product - subject to available resources and funding.

26 March 2015 TBC

Other Content

Data Sources and flows
Data flow chart for population and migration estimates and population projections.

Interactive Content
Population pyramids, interactive maps and infographics on population, migration and households.

Commissioned Outputs
User-specific request for population and migration statistics made available for general use.

Supporting Documentation
National Statistics assessments, user engagement, presentations, minutes of meetings, data supplier links.

National Statistics
Information relating to the National Statistics designation for Population Statistics.

Customer Survey 2015/16
We are committed to continuous improvement. As part of this, we are currently running an updated survey for 2015/16. This survey is currently planned to close in June 2016. All responses will be treated confidentially and any reports produced will not reveal any individual.

Customer Survey (2015/16)

Current Workplan
Our workplan for 2015/16 is available here

Click on the image below for an interactive timeline for 2015/16

For notification of new publications contact dmb.nisra@dfpni.gov.uk

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