Population Statistics

Main areas for which data is available:

Data Sources and flows
Data flow chart for population and migration estimates and population projections.

Mid-Year Population Estimates
Estimates of the population on 30 June each year.

Migration Statistics
Official estimates of (international) migration and supporting information.

Population Projections
Projected future population of Northern Ireland and areas within Nothern Ireland.

Household Projections
Projected future number of households in Northern Ireland and areas within Nothern Ireland.

Small Area Population Estimates
Estimates of population in electoral wards, Super Output Areas, Neighbourhood Renewal Areas and 2011 Census Small Areas.

Estimates of the Population Aged 85 and Over
Further age breakdown of the 'oldest old' in Northern Ireland

Interactive Content
Population pyramids, interactive maps and infographics on population, migration and households.

Commissioned Outputs
User-specific request for population and migration statistics made available for general use.

Supporting Documentation
Working groups, presentations, user engagements, assessments and administrative data sources.

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