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Most Popular Baby Names 2013
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Each year NISRA publish both a statistical bulletin and press release relating to the most popular forenames for babies in Northern Ireland.
The press release is published at the end of December and contains provisional data for the top 20 boys' and girls' names registered so far that year.
The statistical bulletin is released the following August and contains finalised statistics for the 100 most popular names for the previous full registration year.

The Pre-Release Access List can be downloaded here

Most Recent Baby Names Publications (PDF)


Popular First Names, 2013

Additional Tables for Popular First Names Bulletin, 2013 (Excel)

First Names Bulletin, 2012 (August 2013)

Additional Tables for First Names Bulletin, 2012 (Excel)

Top 100 First Names, 2012 (PDF)

Full Baby Names List, 1997 to 2012 (Excel)

Copies of historical baby names publications can be found here.

Interactive content: Popular Baby Names, 2004-2013

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