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Deaths by cause

More detailed finalised statistics on death registrations in Northern Ireland in 2014 with details relating to causes such as malignant neoplasms, heart disease, suicide and accidents are available from the Death by cause Section of the Registrar General Annual Report.

Provisional cause of death statistics for more recent years are available from the Registrar General Quarterly Reports.

NISRA are involved in the production of a number of other reports relating to specific causes of death. Links to these are provided below.

Reports Relating to Specific Causes of Death

Reports on deaths with MRSA mentioned on the death certificate

Reports on deaths with Clostridium Difficile mentioned on the death certificate

Weekly Flu Deaths Published in the Latest Flu Bulletin by CDSC(NI)

Alcohol Related Deaths

Drug Related Deaths and Deaths due to Drug Misuse

Suicide Deaths

Asbestos Related Deaths Registered in Northern Ireland

Cause of Deaths in Northern Ireland - Additional Statistics for New 11 Local Government Districts, 2008 to 2014 (Excel)

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