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Interim Life Tables are produced annually to provide period expectation of life statistics. Period life expectancy is the average number of additional years a person can be expected to live if he or she experiences the age-specific mortality rates of the given area and time period for the rest of his or her life. Data are available for expectancy at birth and current age and relate to 2010-2012.

NI Interim Life Tables (Microsoft Excel format)


1980-1982 to 2011-2013

Decennial Life Tables


Decennial Life Tables for Northern Ireland (2000-02) (Excel)

Methodology used to construct Decennial Life Tables (PDF)

Sub-NI Life Expectancy at Birth and Age 65 (Microsoft Excel format)


Local Government Districts, 1991-1993 to 2010-2012

Health and Social Care Trusts, 2001-2003 to 2008-2010

Animated Map of UK Life Expectancy (1991-2010)


Life Expectancy at Birth by Local Authority

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Other Publications


Scottish Paper: Life Expectancy Statistics Across the UK

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