Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is the most commonly used measure to describe the health of the population and provides a useful indicator of relative mortality. Such statistics can be used to inform policy, planning and research in both the public and private sectors in areas such as health, population, pensions and insurance.

The life expectancy figures here are all period life expectancies. Period life expectancies are calculated using age specific mortality rates for a given period, therefore provide an estimate of the average number of years a person would survive if they experienced the age specific mortality rates at that time and in that area for the remainder of their life.

Life Expectancy for areas within Northern Ireland pdf
Life Expectancy for areas within Northern Ireland: Press Release pdf
Life Expectancy Information Paper and Methodology Guide pdf
Methodology used to construct Decennial Life Tables pdf

Life expectancy by age for local areas, 2001-2003 to 2011-2013 xlsx
Life expectancy at birth and age 65 for previous 26 Local Government Districts, 1991-1993 to 2011-2013 xlsx
NI Interim Life Tables, 1980-1982 to 2011-2013 xlsx
Decennial Life Tables, 2000-2002 xlsx

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