Small Area Population Estimates

Update, January 2016

Following a Population Statistics User Engagement Event, population estimates down to SOA will be published in a statistical bulletin in June each year. Population estimates for Small Areas and Neighbourhood Renewal Areas will be published in tabular format by November each year. See the User Engagement Event summary notes for further information.

Further information and data for Small Area Population Estimates are provided below.

Super Output Areas and former Electoral Wards

Most Recent Publication (31 August 2016): 2015 Mid-Year Population Estimates for Areas within Northern Ireland

Next Planned Release: June 2017

Updated 31 August 2016: Detailed Figures (including mid-2015)
Super Output Areas
Population by sex and broad age bands (2001-2015)
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Former Electoral Wards
Population by sex and broad age bands (2001-2015)
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Population Estimates for Other Areas of Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Former Education and Library Boards
Health Areas Former Local Government Districts
11 Local Government Districts Parliamentary Constituencies
Nuts III Areas

Population Estimates for Small Areas

In a second step of the methodology, population estimates by SOA were broken down to 2011 Census Small Areas (SA2011). This was based on the rolled-forward 2011 Census and administrative data available at this level. When moving further away from 2011, administrative data sources become more important. There are a number of SAs for which the administrative data sources were distinctly different from the Census counts in 2011, which raises concerns about their future use in disaggregating SOA-level population estimates. In addition, spatial allocation to small geographical areas, particularly when using postcode-based data sources, can lead to inaccuracies. For these reasons, the publication of SA2011 level population estimates was suspended after the release of 2012 estimates.

A review of the methodology and quality of data used to produce SA2011 population estimates took place as part of the 2015/16 Workplan and Population Estimates for Small Areas up to mid-2014 are now available.

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Population Estimates for Small Areas (2013-2014, revised 2012)

Most Recent Release - 25 November 2015
Next Planned Release - November 2016

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Detailed Figures
Census Small Areas
Population Totals (2001-2014)
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Neighbourhood Renewal Areas
Population by sex and broad age bands (2001-2014)
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