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ANNOUNCEMENT: A technical issue, affecting the coverage of statistics extracted from the new registration system in Northern Ireland, has been identified during NISRA's quality assurance processes. The Vital Statistics Team are liaising with the IT Suppliers to investigate the scale of the problem, with the aim of rectifying it as soon as possible. In the meantime NISRA has unfortunately had to place a temporary hold on the release of weekly and monthly counts of Live Births and Deaths, which ordinarily would have been available on the last working day of each month (one month in arrears).

Previous releases, back to February 2016, may have been affected to a degree by this technical issue and will be re-issued when the matter has been resolved. Both the NISRA website and the Statistics Release Calendar will be updated with planned release dates when timescales for a resolution become clearer. If you have any queries in relation to this announcement, please do not hesitate to contact the Vital Statistics Team at

The Vital Statistics Team apologise for any inconvenience that this unavoidable delay may cause some customers.

Last Updated: 18/11/2016

More detailed finalised statistics on death registrations in Northern Ireland in 2015 are available from the Deaths Section of the Registrar General Annual Report.

Further provisional death statistics for more recent years are available from the Registrar General Quarterly Reports. Information relating to Life Expectancy and Cause of Death are also available.

Deaths Excel
Deaths, 1887 to 2015 xlsx
Deaths by sex, 1887 to 2015 xlsx
Deaths by ten year agebands, 1887 to 2015 xlsx
Deaths by five year agebands, 1922 to 2015 xlsx
Microdata for Deaths in Northern Ireland, 2001-2014 xlsx
Deaths by single year of age, 1955 to 2015 xlsx
Deaths by Local Government District, 1974 to 2015 xlsx
Deaths by Health and Social Care Trust, 1974 to 2015 xlsx
Deaths by Ward, 2005 to 2015 xlsx
Deaths by Super Output Area, 2005 to 2015 xlsx
Deaths by Month, 2006 to 2016 xls
Deaths by Week, 2010 to 2016 xlsx
Deaths by New 11 Local Government Districts, 2008 to 2015 xlsx
Additional Deaths Statistics for New 11 Local Government Districts, 2008 to 2015 xlsx

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