Official/National Statistics

Official statistics, as set out in Section 6 of the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007, are statistical outputs which are intended to inform politicians, officials and the wider public about the national position on specific topics on an ongoing basis. Official statistics should be produced in line with the 8 principles and 3 supporting protocols set out in the UK Statistics Authority's Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

The Code will serve to establish common standards and, by doing so, help to ensure a coherent and trustworthy service to the users of statistics.

Official Statistics that comply with the Code are designated as National Statistics. Compliance with the Code is a statutory requirement on bodies that produce statistics that have already been designated as National Statistics

Population and Vital Statistics - Code of Practice and Policies
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Further Information
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User Engagement

NISRA's latest customer survey relates to 2014. Results for customers of demography statistics can be found here.

The Population Staistics Customer Feedback Survey was released in 2014. Feedback and comments were collects and evaluated. The results are available here.

We are committed to continuous improvement. As part of this, we are currently running an updated survey for 2015/16. To date 26 responses have been received. This survey is currently planned to close in June 2016.

NISRA Demography also maintain contact with users through regular meetings of the Northern Ireland Census Advisory Group (CAG). This group is made up of interested users and specialist advisers drawn from central and local Government, health authorities, and the commercial and academic sectors as well as representatives from specialist agencies, charities and voluntary organisations.
More details are available on request.

UKSA Assessments

Population Estimates and Projections for Northern Ireland - Assessment 312 (2015)
On 30th July 2015, the UK Statistics Authority published a report on the Assessment of compliance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics for Population Estimates and Projections for Northern Ireland (Assessment report 312). The UK Statistics Authority confirmed that the population statistics for Northern Ireland would continue to be designated as National Statistics, subject to NISRA implementing six specific requirements. The links below show the detail of the Assessment and an Action Plan, including a checklist outlining how and when NISRA addressed the requirements and six further suggestions.
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On 8th August 2016, after confirming the provision of evidence demonstrating the actions that NISRA had taken to address the requirements in Assessment Report 312, the UK Statistics Authority confirmed designation for the Population Estimates and Projections in Northern Ireland. A link to the designation letter is provided below.
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Demography and Vital Events in Northern Ireland - Assessment 124 (2011)
An assessment of Northern Ireland Population, Migration and Vital Event statistics was undertaken by the UK Statistics Authority. The Population and Vital statistics were assessed for compliance with the Code of Practice for Statistics. The code sets out standards that the UK Statistics Authority expects official statistics to meet. The results of the assessment were published in July 2011. For more information click on the links below.
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