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Public acceptability research

Public acceptability research on the possible inclusion of sexual identity and gender identity questions in the 2021 Census is being conducted on our behalf by Ipsos MORI between January and late February 2017. This will involve a number of households across Northern Ireland being contacted.

If you have any questions please contact Ipsos MORI by email or telephone:

Email: informingthecensus@ipsos.com
Telephone: 0800 819 9150

Topic consultation

Our latest consultation (September to December 2015) asked census users for their views on topics that the 2021 Census might cover.

Demographic Statistics Advisory Group

One way NISRA will consult with census users on the 2021 Census is through the Demographic Statistics Advisory Group (DSAG). This Advisory Group represents the interests of the main user communities.

Give us your views

Consultation activities include specific arrangements for users to submit comments for review and further discussion. However, Census Customer Services invites comments on any aspect of the census at any time from individuals, communities, user groups and organisations. We welcome your feedback and will consider this carefully in our census plans.

Email: 2021census.consultation@finance-ni.gov.uk