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Census 2011 - Quick Statistics

Results available here

Latest release

Additional Quick Statistics (Northern Ireland) (published 26/03/2015)


Reference Table (PDF 13 KB) with direct links to tables on NINIS

Table Layouts (Excel 250 KB)

Previous releases

Quick Statistics for Northern Ireland on Communal Establishments and Approximated Social Grade (published 18/04/2013)


Three additional Quick Statistics tables for Northern Ireland were released at 9.30am on 18 April 2013. This release includes tables on Communal Establishment Management and Type and Approximated Social Grade for Northern Ireland, Local Government Districts (LGD), Assembly Areas (AA), Wards, Super Output Areas (SOA) and Small Areas (SA).

Quick Statistics for Northern Ireland (published 28/02/2013)


Press Release (PDF 71 KB)

A range of supporting documents - including Frequently Asked Questions, Methodology Overview, Definitions, Comparability with Census 2001 - can be accessed on the Supporting Information page.