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Population and Household Estimates

 Population and Household Estimates from the 2011 Census are available on our NINIS website

Latest release

 Population and Household Estimates for District Electoral Areas in Northern Ireland
 (published 30 July 2015)

This release, published at 9.30am on 30 July 2015, comprises 2011 Census Population (by age and sex) and Household Estimates for District Electoral Areas (DEA2014) in Northern Ireland.

Previous releases

 Census 2011 Population Tables (published 25 September 2014)

This document provides usually resident population by single year of age and sex for Northern Ireland and a number of geographical levels including Local Government District (LGD), Assembly Area (AA) and Local Government District 2014 (LGD2014).

 Population Estimates for New 11 Districts in Northern Ireland (published 24 September 2013)
 Population and Household Estimates for Wards and Small Areas for Northern Ireland
 (published 28 February 2013)
 Population and Household Estimates by Local Government District for Northern Ireland
 (published 19 September 2012)
 Population and Household Estimates for Northern Ireland (published 16 July 2012)

A range of supporting documents - including Frequently Asked Questions, Methodology Overview, Definitions, Comparability with Census 2001 - can be accessed on the Supporting Information page.