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Census 2011 - Detailed Characteristics Statistics

Results available here

Latest release

Additional Detailed Characteristics (Northern Ireland) (published 26/03/2015)


Reference Table (PDF 25 KB) with direct links to tables on NINIS

Table Layouts (Excel 1.4 MB) - includes availability at lower geographies

Previous releases

Detailed Characteristics on Travel to Work or Place of Study for Northern Ireland (published 26/02/2015)


Reference Table (PDF 24 KB) with direct links to tables on NINIS

Detailed Characteristics Bulk Download Files (published 15/05/2014)
(updated 26/03/2015*)


Administrative Geographies (Zip 16 MB)

Statistical Geographies (Zip 13.6 MB)

* Update to Detailed Characteristics Bulk Delivery files for DC3401NI, more information is available in our Revisions and Issues Log (PDF 39 KB)

Detailed Characteristics for Local Government Districts and Super Output Areas in Northern Ireland (published 28/11/2013)


Press Release (PDF 66 KB)

Detailed Characteristics for Northern Ireland on Housing and Labour Market (published 11/09/2013)


Press Release (PDF 85 KB)

Statistics Bulletin (PDF 396 KB)

Detailed Characteristics for Northern Ireland on Ethnicity, Country of Birth and Language (published 28/06/2013)


Press Release (PDF 77 KB)

Statistics Bulletin (PDF 337 KB)

Detailed Characteristics for Northern Ireland on Identity, Religion and Health (published 16/05/2013)


Press Release (PDF 88 KB)

Statistics Bulletin (PDF 586 KB)

Press Briefing (PDF 296 KB)

A range of supporting documents - including Frequently Asked Questions, Methodology Overview, Definitions, Comparability with Census 2001 - can be accessed on the Supporting Information page.

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