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Census 2011 Results

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Census 2011 Key Statistics Summary Report

Key Statistics Summary Report from the 2011 Census of Population for Northern Ireland was published on 25 September 2014. It provides key statistics for the majority of Census questions and topics for Northern Ireland and a number of geographical levels including Local Government District (LGD), Assembly Area (AA) and Local Government District 2014 (LGD2014).

Short-Term Resident Population

This release comprises estimates of the number and characteristics of the non-UK born short-term resident population of Northern Ireland. The release was published at 9.30am on 24 September 2014.


Useful information

Table Look-ups for Standard Output and Commissioned Tables

The files below contain descriptions of all standard output and commissioned tables from the 2011 Census in Northern Ireland.

You can identify tables of interest by entering topics of interest such as age and ethnic group.  The relevant tables will be listed, along with information on the geography for which the table is available. 

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