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Northern Ireland Census 2011 Output Prospectus

This prospectus sets out the release plans for the Northern Ireland (NI) 2011 Census statistics. It describes the statistics that the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA)  has and will be releasing, and lays out when NISRA has or intends to publish them. The Census will answer questions from both novice users and experienced analysts. Because of the breadth and depth of census data, the 2011 Census statistics are being released in stages.

At the Output Information Days in January 2012 a draft release schedule was shared, the prospectus adds more detail to this.

The prospectus has been split into four main areas, covering the following topics:

For a printed copy of the prospectus print this page and the four sections outlined above.

The prospectus is dynamic

NISRA will update the content as more information becomes available. Details of updates can be obtained from NISRA Census Office (request by email to census.nisra@dfpni.gov.uk), or see the Updates Register (PDF 182 KB) which details all changes that have been made to the prospectus since its first publication on 4 May 2012.

A list of table titles for all releases can be viewed at Northern Ireland Census 2011 Prospectus - Release schedule and table titles (Excel 128 KB)

Contact Us and Keeping Informed

For any queries regarding this prospectus, or the content within, please contact Census Customer Services.

For general information about the Northern Ireland Census 2011 statistics and developments visit the Census pages on the NISRA website.

What is happening in England, Wales and Scotland

Simultaneous but separate censuses took place in England and Wales, run by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), and Scotland, run by National Records of Scotland (NRS).

Both organisations have produced their own prospectuses: