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UK - Europe Census Comparison


European Union (EU) regulations 763/2008, 519/2010 and 1151/2010, require the provision of comparable Census type statistics for all EU member states, along with transparent documentation regarding the quality of the information being made available.

NISRA has been working collaboratively with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the National Records of Scotland (NRS) to provide the required 2011 Census statistics and supporting information for the UK, including Northern Ireland.

Census Hub

The data from this project is freely available from the Census Hub, which can be used to explore the data. The Census Hub was developed by the EU and is also managed by the EU.

While the Northern Ireland statistics available through the Census Hub are already available from the NISRA website in some instances they will have been re-configured or presented on the Census Hub in a slightly different way in order to align with EU requirements.

Geographic Detail

The vast majority of the information for Northern Ireland is reported at the NUTS levels 1 and 2 (i.e. Northern Ireland) with a smaller sub-set available at NUTS level 3 (i.e. Belfast, Outer Belfast, East of Northern Ireland, North of Northern Ireland and West and South of Northern Ireland).

Further Information

Further details regarding the information that has been released, on 31 March 2014, can be accessed via the ONS website.


All of the data associated with this release has been completely anonymised and protected in order to preserve confidentiality. As part of this process all of the information provided through the Census Hub has been rounded to the nearest five.

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