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Ireland and Northern Ireland

The timing of the 2011 censuses in Northern Ireland and Ireland, just two weeks apart, on
27 March 2011 and 11 April 2011 respectively, has offered an opportunity to present a detailed picture of the populations of both jurisdictions at a single point in time.

The result of close working between NISRA and the Central Statistics Office, this report explores both similarities and differences in the two populations and examines how these populations have changed over time.

Making extensive use of tables, graphs and thematic maps, the publication contains analysis across a range of topics in areas such as: demographics; households; religion; ethnicity; place of birth; health; economic status; education; housing; and travel to work, school or college, including cross-border commuting.

This report should be of value to a range of users, including all government departments and agencies, cross-border bodies and anyone with an interest in the dynamics of population and social change on the island of Ireland.

 Census 2011 Ireland and Northern Ireland (published 12 June 2014)

The full report may be purchased from Census Office at a cost of 5. Please contact Census Customer Services for more details.

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